KABUL, AFGHANISTAN - NOVEMBER 29, 2014: Afghan security personnel inspect the destroyed building of foreign aid workers' guest house in Kabul November 29, 2014. A group of Taliban militants targeted a building used by foreigners and fought with Afghan national security forces in Afghanistans capital Kabul on Saturday, Afghan authorities said.Three militants wearing military uniforms have managed to enter the building which belongs to south African agency, capital Kabul police chief Gen. Zahir Zahir said. (Photo by Haroon Sabawoon/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

News Desk: At least 14 people died and many were injured in a car bomb blast caused by the Taliban in eastern Afghanistan. This attack took place at a time when the Taliban delegates are having peace talks in Doha with the American negotiators and Afghan representatives, to end the violence in the last 18 years in Afghanistan.  According to the information, Gazani’s provincial governor spokesman Aref Noori told that the target of a suicide attack on Sunday in the eastern city of Ghajini was the premises of Gajani-based intelligence unit. Health Ministry spokesman Wahidullah Myar told that 12 people have died in the attack. 

He said, “179 people have been injured, mostly civilians and children.” In a whispered message, the Taliban took responsibility for the attack. Let America be able to recall its troops from Afghanistan on various conditions, if successful, during the seventh phase of the Taliban-US dialogue.

Mohammad Karim, a police official in the area of the attack, said a car bomb exploded outside a Defense Ministry building. Militants then ran into a nearby high-rise located in a crowded market and began firing down on the ministry. Police and special Afghan security forces poured into the area and cordoned it off.



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