To encourage Hindi in the US, the Indian Embassy will conduct free Hindi classes for students at the prestigious George Washington University on the demand of the people. The six-week non-credit Hindi language introductory course will begin from August 28 and the Indian Culture teacher, Dr. Moksharaj, will teach the students at the Embassy.

Earlier this year, the embassy conducted one-hour free weekly classes at its campus. The course received an enthusiastic response and in a short span of time, 87 students from seven countries enrolled.

Benjamin D. Hopkins, director of the University-based Sigur Center for Asian Studies, and Associate Director Deepa M. Olapalli, in a recent letter to the Indian ambassador to the US, pointed out that students are more interested in reading Hindi language. In the Hindi language course, students will learn various aspects of the language including spelling. They will also learn to speak Hindi language.

Aiming at promoting Hindi in the US, the Indian embassy in Washington will impart free Hindi classes to the students of the prestigious George Washington University on popular demand.

The six-week non-credit Introductory Hindi Language course, beginning August 28, will be conducted by Dr Moxraj, a teacher of Indian Culture at the embassy. Earlier this year, the embassy had conducted free weekly Hindi classes of one-hour duration in its premises. The course generated an impressive interest, with 87 candidates from seven countries registering for the classes on short notice.


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